The objectives for this assignment are that students will:

 Perform a literature search to locate relevant literature on a medical topic

 Use a rubric to write a scholarly paper

 Use professional medical terminology throughout the paper

 Write the paper as if writing to a scholarly audience, using language and format befitting a scholarly paper

 Utilize APA format for the paper, including cover page, abstract, headings, citations, reference list, and appendices if necessary. APA reference information can be found online at Purdue Owl (Writing Lab) at, and in many other sources.

The items to be included in your paper include: 

Description of chosen pathology 

Normal anatomy and physiology of the process or organ system involved 

Risk factors 

Etiology and pathogenesis 

Clinical manifestations 

Diagnostic procedures, including lab, imaging, and biopsy

Potential treatments and their costs 

Prognosis and potential sequelae 

Potential for self-management 

Prognosis & quality of life issues for the patient, family, and community

Each of these items can be a separate heading.

6 pages

12 times Roman

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