Reasons Why School Is Important For Me.

Write a 5 paragraph essay on the reasons why nursing school is important for me.

1st paragraph: Introduction. Include a thesis statement.

– School is important for me because it sets the foundation for my career, allows me to help other people, and lets me be a role-model for my family.

2nd paragraph: Reason 1 (Sets the foundation for my career). Provide 3 examples to support this argument. Examples: prepares me for the NCLEX, I will get a better job and I will have a better salary.

3rd paragraph: Reason 2 (allows me to help other people) Provide 3 examples of this, like at the hospital, a clinic or a nursing home.

4th paragraph: Reason 3 (Being a role model for my family). Provide examples.

5th paragraph: Conclusion


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