Training Powerpoint Presentation-Fire Safety


Training PowerPoint Presentation (with narration)

For this assignment, you have been tasked to create a training presentation that can be utilized for new-hire personnel virtual training. Your presentation will utilize visual and audio aspects to explain fire dynamics concepts to the new hire firefighters. You will include images, photographs, captions, and narration for each content slide in the presentation.

Your training presentation must address each of the following requirements.

  • Begin with an introduction that summarizes the importance of the topics you will cover.
  • Describe the process of combustion. Be sure to address the chemical chain reaction involved.
  • List and describe the four stages of fire evolution.
  • List and describe the classifications of fire.
  • Discuss how the stages of fire and classifications of fire impact emergency situations and firefighter safety.
  • Indicate the main factors that influence fire spread and behavior.

Each bullet topic listed above must be supported, as detailed below.

  • Use at least one applicable image per bullet. Remember that this is a training presentation, so choose photographs or images that have value and meaning or clearly illustrate the topic—not just decorative or generic images. There are many ways to present images to help explain concepts, and you are encouraged to be creative and personalize this presentation.
  • A minimum of 250 words of narration must supplement each topic. You will offer specific detail, criteria, and/or explanation of the images and the concepts. You can review the tutorial Adding Audio to a PowerPoint if you need assistance with this PowerPoint feature. You must include a transcript of your narration in the Notes section of each slide.
  • You must include at least one academic or industry-reliable resource to support each bullet for a minimum of five distinct resources. These are to be listed on an appendix slide, not your references slide, as this is a list of resources you are offering to the students at the end of the presentation for their further education. One of these must come from the CSU Online Library.

Your presentation must be a minimum of six content slides and one appendix slide. The title and reference slides do not count toward this requirement. You must provide APA Style citations and references for all sources, including the images.

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