1-2 Page essay

You are tasked with educating a group of individuals ages 40-65 about the available COVID vaccines (manufacturer is irrelevant). You may choose to be in support of vaccination or against it. After having chosen your position/stance, construct a convincing argument that you would make to this group of individuals for or against COVID vaccination. You must provide at least three lines of evidence (based upon referenced scientific literature) in support of your position. Your argument should be 1-2 pages double spaced and typed and your references should be cited at the conclusion of your argument. Consider not only the immediate benefits (provide at least 2) to the individual as it relates to your chosen argument but also as it applies to the long-term health (provide at least 2) of the individual. Consider the benefits/drawbacks as it relates to the individual but also the impact of your position on community health (provide at least 2).

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