Activity 1, Activity 2, etc.Activity 1As you read chapter 6 of your text, reflect on your own writing skills. How did you learn how to write? In your response, briefly describe your writing strengths and weaknesses and then describe the steps you plan to take to bolster your strengths and turn around your weaknesses. Be specific.Activity 2Conduct a brief internet search and locate a piece of business writing. Be sure to provide a link to the page for us. Develop and share your in-depth analysis of the writing using the 8 Elements of Communication discussed in chapter 4 of the text.References.. Once you reach this link, scroll down to the middle of the page to locate these six brief articles.http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/college-and-university-students/799Becoming a Critic of Your ThinkingGlossary of Critical Thinking TermsUniversal Intellectual StandardsValuable Intellectual TraitsDistinguishing Between Inferences and AssumptionsThinking with Concepts

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