A discussion about leadership andan exercise due day is tomorrow ,before 12:00PM

  • Discussion Topic: What steps are today’s organizations taking to promote diversity, and are these efforts effective. If you have ever participated in a diversity management training program, what effects did it have on you? In what ways, if any, did your attitudes or behaviors change? If you have never participated in a diversity management program, how do you think you would react to being in one? Do you think you would find it enjoyable? Useful? What challenges to effectiveness, if any, do you suspect you might encounter?

  • TASK #1 – Complete a Mini Cross-Cultural Leadership Case Problem

    You work for a mid-size company that has recently merged with a larger, international organization.  As part of the merger, you will now be sharing office space with employees from this larger company and, over a period of six months, the two groups will be collapsed into one large team.  Although this has been a friendly merger, current management is concerned about complications that might arise.  You have been asked to put together an action plan for ensuring a smooth transition in your department, which you will continue to lead after the merger is complete.

    Fully answer the following case questions:

    1.  What would you do?  Where would you begin?

    2.  What thoughts do you have about the likely events of the next six months?

    3.  How might your personal values play a role in the process?

    4.  What would your action plan look like?

    TASK #2: – Create Your Own Theory

    Throughout this course, we have stressed the idea that leadership is in the eye of the beholder; that is, we all form our own views on what leadership is and how it is practiced most effectively.  Chapter 14 in particular has highlighted the idea that meaning is socially and individually constructed, based in large part on our formative experiences and continually refined through our interpretation of the events we experience each day.

    Fully answer the following questions:

    1.  What are some of the different definitions and perspectives of cross-cultural leadership that are offered in Chapter 14 that speak to you most?

    2.  What are some of your thoughts about culture and leaders?

    Let’s move these ideas into a business context. In the opening Mini-Cross-Cultural Leadership Case, you were paced in the position leading a merger of people and cultures between two departments that previously had worked in isolation.  In this situation,

    1.What would your strengths and weaknesses be as a leader attempting to facilitate this change?

    2.  What would your priorities be and around which potential issues would your seek support and advice?

Leadership+in+Organizations+(8th+Edition)+-+Yukl,+Gary+A_.pdf Please use the E-book and make some references

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