Advanced Accounting Assignment

During January 2012, Wells, Inc. acquired 30% of the outstanding common stock of Wilton Co. for $1,400,000. This investment gave Wells the ability to exercise significant influence over Wilton. Wilton’s assets on that date were recorded at $6,400,000 with liabilities of $3,000,000. Any excess of cost over book value of Wells’ investment was attributed to unrecorded patents having a remaining useful life of ten years. In 2012, Wilton reported net income of $600,000. For 2013, Wilton reported net income of $750,000. Dividends of $200,000 were paid in each of these two years. What was the reported balance of Wells’ Investment in Wilson Co. at December 31, 2013?

a)  1,485,000

b)  1,685,000

c)  1,647,000

d)  1,054,300

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