Analyze and answer the questions- at least 8 pages, marketing homework help

do the following with at least 8 pages including all  major marketing concepts :

1.  Table of contents.

2.  Evaluation of the current market situation, including:

(a)   a profile of buyer preferences and trends, in both markets if necessary- ( we work only in one market called Sonite)

(b)   an analysis of industry trends

(c)   a description of competitor strengths and weaknesses and anticipated competitor  actions and

(d)   an assessment of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

3.  A strategic, market oriented plan for the next five periods, including

(a)  a statement of your planned business definition, particularly as related to your competition, use the innovation and imitation concept.

(b)  marketing and financial objectives – market share, retail sales, and contribution—for each product

(c)  overall strategy statement for each product

(d)  Tactics for implementing your strategy, including product decisions, pricing decisions, advertising and advertising research decisions, sales force decisions and distribution decisions.



1- our firm’s name is L (Lions) and all our products start with L letter such as (LOOP, LOCK and LOVE).

2- other firms (competitors)  are, for example, M and its products start with M letter and so on for the rest of firms.(industry report demonstrates the firms and products)

3- all reports are in the attached  Excel file  

4- before start, have a look at the interim report- the attached word file to have an idea about our firm. 

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