Anthropology La zoo paper

Zoo projectINTRODUCTION: This assignment is designed to help you learn more about andobserve in real time some of the primates we have studied in our course, in thiscase the chimpanzee. Besides your zoo visit, your final written report shouldreflect thoughtful consideration of the assigned readings. The report will be basedon a description of the events in the chimp enclosure over period of 45 minutes(minimum). Judge your time wisely and make sure to follow all the directionspresented below here. A total of 15 points may be earned IF you follow alldirections and present a well-prepared report (with ticket attached) by theA. GRADING: Points will be awarded according to how your report covers thefollowing issues:1. Describe enclosure and compare it to chimp natural habitat 3 points2. Identify individual chimps as Adult Male-1; Adult Female-1; Juvenile Male-1; Juvenile Female-1, etc. [If this is difficult, try another way to identify thesubject of your comments.] Describe at least one interaction/behavior, anythingfrom fast moving to just “lounging together” while grooming, etc. 5 points3. Integrate key ideas from assigned readings* and clearly relate them to theseL.A. Zoo chimps. 5 points4. Organize, proof read, and include a “mug shot” with admission ticket2 pointsTOTAL POINTS…15* Required readings:a. Review Ch. 7 (pp.167-68) and Ch. 8 (pp.180-89) for info on the primates,in this case the chimpanzeeb. Read “The 2% Difference,” in ANNUAL EDITIONS: PhysicalAnthropology 08/09 edition. See also in Discover Magazine, April 2006;available on-line at EDITIONS (08/09)reference to the attendant. Make sure to read these selections before you go to theZoo.B. KEEP IN MIND: When you walk up to any animal enclosure, the behaviormay appear to be erratic or random; maybe “nothing” is happening. However,much of the behavior is patterned in response to a stimulus not necessarily evidentto us. Be patient. The best you can do is to carefully & accurately describe theirphysical activity & note its context at the time. There is no magic bullet! Do yourbest.The Enclosure. If you include photos, do provide SHORT CAPTIONS. If you areartistic, make a sketch of the enclosure and include it with your report. While thereis no ironclad page count for this project, please do not use pictures & drawings asfillers! Your thoughts are paramount.C. DRAFTING YOUR REPORT: After you have completed your observations,go aside and carefully read over your notes. Are there any notable behaviorpatterns, anything that indicates relationships, friendships, or pecking order? Youshould draw on the physical characteristics of the chimpanzee provided in Ch. 8.Integrate key information from the other required readings. Omit it and you willlose points. Don’t fret; a good faith effort is what counts here.D. ORGANIZING YOUR REPORT: A good report will be well organizedaround the “Grading” topics. About four to five pages (double spaced) isacceptable. This does NOT include your cover page, any photos, charts or maps.Use one-inch margins and avoid “padding” with empty spaces between sections orparagraphs. Most of all, sincere work and a true learning experience is what weare after here. Your instructor’s “eagle eye” can spot the proverbial fluff and “b.s.”Do a good job and shine!

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