Ashford University Advancing in a Career Presentation

Prompt 1

For this week’s assessment, you will create a memo. Creating a memo will help you practice the MS Word skills you have just read about in the background information. For this assessment, you can pretend that the memo is for school or work. We will assume that you have been asked to introduce yourself to your new boss (if you are writing for work) or to your Dean, Associate Dean, or your institution-assigned career advisor in your program of study (if you are writing for school).

In the memo, you will create at least three sections with headings that give appropriate details about you and your life and why you would be an asset to either the company or school you are writing to.

Required steps you need to follow to complete this assessment are as follows:

  1. Start with a blank Word document (do not use templates or previous documents)
  2. Finalize your margin measurements:
    1. Top/Bottom: 1 inch
    2. Right/Left: 0.75 inch
  3. Create a title at the top of the first page of your memo. The title must include:
    1. A font size of at least 24 points
    2. A font color other than black
  4. Create a minimum 450-word memo using the parts outlined in the Background section named “Parts of a Memo”
  5. Using Styles group under the Home tab, create at least four headings separating your memo into parts
  6. Create an interactive page number at the bottom of the memo by using the Page Number drop-down menu in the Header & Footer group under the Insert tab
  7. Save your completed Word document and upload it in Canvas

Prompt 2

For this assessment pick a topic on a valid business or academic issue and create a professional looking PowerPoint presentation based on your research on the topic. Be sure to use the best practices you learned in this week’s discussions and utilize your knowledge in formatting your slides learned in this weeks assignment. You will then record yourself giving the presentation while showing the slides. Keep it simple and to the point.

Here are a few ideas for topics for your presentation:

  • Meeting Deadlines – How to best manage your time
  • Adjusting to College Life – How to do your best work
  • Advancing in a Career – What steps are needed to get promoted?

Assessment Requirements:

  • Minimum 10 slides
  • Include at least 3 different slide styles from the New Slide or Layout Gallery
  • Include at least two images or illustrations
  • Add notes to help you during your presentation to remind you what you want to talk about in addition to the information on the slide if needed
  • Use at least two types of transitions between slides
  • Using Office365, record yourself as if you were presenting your slides live and sharing your screen online
  • The recording should be a minimum of 3 minutes
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