Assignment Chapter 2 And 3

Part 1: Chapter 2 – Assignment (One Page)


  1. Review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website that has      information and statistics about the elderly.
  2. Look up one (1)      statistic on the website or find a statistic among the information in      Chapter 2 of the textbook.
  3. Once you have      the information that interests you, then answer the following questions:
    1. What statistic       have you chosen?
    2. Why did you       choose that statistic?
    3. What trends are       represented?
    4. Why do you find       this interesting?
    5. Do the       statistic surprise you in any way?
    6. Did you think       that the numbers would be different then they are?

Part 2: Chapter 3 – Assignment (One Page)

Several years ago, researchers discovered a part of the nuclear chromosome called a telomere.  The telomere is found at the end of chromosomes and they fall off at regular intervals of a year or two. Since they are just a segment of chromosomes of 4-6 base pairs it appears to be insignificant except for their reliability over time of the organism or person’s life.  Researchers were fascinated by these small segments and the apparent correlation with the aging of the person.  In addition, these segments accelerated their action of dropping off when the person was diagnosed with cancer or a disease that was categorized as eventually fatal.  Review the Telomeres video below.

Description: Video 

Telomeres and Aging | Isagenix 

Duration: 3:13
User: n/a – Added: 10/22/13

YouTube URL:


  1. Reread Chapter      3 and answer the following questions.
    1. Would you       classify telomere-based aging as stochastic or non-stochastic?
    2. What theory       would you classify this under considering those listed in the chapter?
    3. How would you,       if you were a gerontological researcher, manipulate the       telomeres through telomerase to assist persons to live longer?       Be specific about each step.
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