Bethel Concepts Of Business Mixed Economy Business Rights Discussion


Like the discussion, you will be asked for your opinion in some questions. Your opinions are important but scoring will depend more on the evidence you provide to support those opinions, than on what those opinions are.

Word count and source requirements are in the course policies, located in the Unit 1 Course Materials.

Each unit has five, equally weighted questions. Like the discussion, the answers are evaluated more on quality than length, but a minimum of 1200 words per unit is required per university policy. A minimum of three scholarly sources are also required. Use book as a source!

Q1 – Stakeholders: The first two parts of this question are straightforward. For the final part, whichever position you take, it’s important to describe the arguments for and against each position and describe how they balance out. Outside sources shouldn’t be needed, but the film assigned for the Unit 2 discussion question addresses both sides of this question clearly.

Writing Tip: For a three part question like this, it can be useful to address each part of the question in a separate paragraph.

Q2 – Mixed Economy: The first part of the question is simple and can be answered fully using information from the Read and Attend sections. Like Q1, for the final part of the question, it’s important to describe the arguments for and against each position and describe how they balance out. In other words, demonstrate familiarity with both sides of the issue and use that to show how you reached your own conclusion. Outside sources can be useful for this question.

Q3 – Free Enterprise: This question is looking at prerequisites to free enterprise, including the individual and business rights described on p. 12, and the legal and regulatory issues described in Appendix B (pp. 67-81). Outside sources shouldn’t be needed.

Q4 – Ethics: This is a fairly complex question. For the first part of the question, be sure to explain why you agree or disagree. In the final part, go beyond how you identify an issue that might be unethical, and look more broadly at how that sort of issue should be identified. This part of the question will definitely be stronger with outside sources.

Q5 – A Workplace Scenario: This is mostly an applied version of Q4. The discussion should go beyond what you would do, and include detail about why. Outside sources can be used to provide support and/or counterarguments for your own reasoning.


1.Define the term Stakeholder. What is the difference between a stakeholder and a stockholder? Does a business necessarily have obligations to anyone besides stockholders?

2.Define the term Mixed Economy. Do you agree with Adam Smith that “the invisible hand of competition” best regulates the economy and that there is no need for government intervention? Support your answer.

3.Your text identified basic individual and business rights that must be present in order for a free enterprise to exist. What obstacles to these rights might exist that would prevent a true free enterprise system?

4.It has been said by some that ethics are subjective to individual interpretation. Do you agree with this statement? How do you identify an issue that might be unethical?

5.Your supervisor informs you that he will allow you to complete your coursework during lunch from your office computer. However, you discover that your company policy specifically indicates that the use of technology for anything other than work is prohibited and could lead to termination. What would you do?

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