BIO presentation (must include PowerPoint and script) about CRISPR

CRISPRThe technology, the results, the hope, and the dramaIntroBackgroundHumans always interested in genetic engineeringCrops (banana), animals (dogs, fish)PlasmidsExpensive, complicated, takes a long timeWhoEmmanuelle CharpentierWhatClustered Regularly Interspersed Short Palindromic RepeatsWhendateWhyHowAccomplishmentsWhat problem were they trying to solve?What’s been accomplished with it?MilestonesHow has it changed/shaped the field?DramaWhat are the ethical issues?How do we prevent unethical applications?BanningRegulationProtectionsHope (end on a happy note)What are the potential applications in the future?What is the next step/iteration?Sources:

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