biology 4

Discussion 3 — Preparation for the Scenario PaperThe goal of the learning activity is to familiarize you with how to use the reference materials for normative values and to become more familiar with medical imaging approaches.A patient visits a physician and complains of frequent urination and feeling very thirsty.  Her doctor recommends blood tests, urinalysis, and medical imaging.Use the following websites and chapter 1.7 of the A&P online textbook on Medical Imaging to discuss at least one test  (either a blood test, a urine test, or an imaging test) that might be conducted on this patient.  Also, discuss the possible diagnosis for this patient. Be sure to explain the rationale or reasoning for your answer and cite your sources in APA format.Routine Urinalysis: Blood Count: Metabolic Panel: Criteria:Select a blood/urine/imaging test, explain what it measures, and  give its normative values (3 pts)Explain the possible diagnosis for this patient. Discuss whether the test you selected for part 1. above would be a good diagnostic tool for the disease that you suspect. (3 pts)Your rationale or reasoning for your explanations in questions 1) and 2) should be provided or explained (3 pts)Provide the sources you used to answer these questions in APA format at the end of your answers (1 pts)

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