The reading assignment for this week introduced you to the four types of biological macromolecule.For each category of macromolecule, carbohydrate, lipid, protein  and nucleic acid, select a representative polymer and explain its  function within the cell.  Suggest which aspects of your chosen molecule  are characteristic of the class of macromolecules to which it belongs  by identifying its monomer subunits and describing their basic chemical  structure and the manner in which the monomers are linked together.For instance, an example of a carbohydrate would be cellulose.  Its  monomer subunit is glucose which is a monosaccharide with the formula C6H12O6.   The glucose molecules in cellulose are linked together by ?1-4  glycosidic bonds which form long chains and give cellulose its strength  and rigidity.  This strength is important as the function of cellulose  is to provide structural support in plants.Complete the following cross word puzzle – the questions are based on your reading material this week.  The crossword is attached as a word document that you can download, complete and resubmit.

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