Over  the last two weeks you have learned about two forms of cell division –  mitosis and meiosis.  Although the fundamental sequence of events in  both is similar, there are some distinct differences between the two.Briefly summarize the processes of mitosis and meiosis  indicating where the similarities lie and in which aspects they differ.   Don’t forget to mention the primary reason for each type of cell  division by indicating the roles that mitosis and         meiosis play in human reproduction and development.Explain what is meant by the term ‘linked genes’ with respect  to homologous recombination. For example, if an organism is heterozygous  at two genetic loci on the same chromosome, in what way does the  position of these alleles with respect to         each other affect how they are transmitted to gametes during  meiosis?You have read that chromosomes carry the basic genetic information  required for all of our cells.  Chromosomal abnormalities are the cause  of various health conditions and can occur in both germline and in  somatic cells.Identify the different types of chromosomal abnormalities that  can lead to disease (e.g. insertions) and in a sentence or two, describe  a disorder associated with one of these aberrations.

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