Evaluating Your Own Risk for Inherited DiseaseThis two-part assignment will allow you to evaluate the role our genes play in the development of certain diseases. Additionally, you will demonstrate your ability to use electronic database for research purposes.First,  think about your individual health and health risks, by considering what genetic diseases or problems are prevalent in your family.  Do you  have a predisposition to breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension or any other disease? You may consider your own health risks or those of other individuals such as a family member or friend. Then, in a paper of 750–1,000 words, address the following:Part I: Evaluating Risk for DiseaseWhat genetic diseases or problems did you identify to be potential issues?Choose one of these diseases and provide an introduction of the disease, including the reason why this would be considered to be a genetic/inherited disease?Discuss the major signs/symptoms of the disorder. Research the mode of inheritance for your chosen disease and provide a thorough discussion of the mode of inheritance. If you are not able to find a specific mode of inheritance, provide a hypothesis for the mode of inheritance. Explain your reasoning thoroughly.What information would help an individual who has been recently diagnosed with the disease?What would you say to a family member who is also at risk for developing the disease? What should they know about passing this disease trait to their children?Part II: Purdue Global Library SearchFinally, visit the library by clicking on My Studies and then selecting the “Library” link on the Campus homepage. Select the option to perform an advanced search by scrolling down to Quick Links and selecting “Advanced Search: EBSCO Discovery Service”. Answer the following questions:Search for the disease/trait you selected in Part I of this assignment. What search term(s) did you use?Use a combination of search terms. Which method resulted in the most “hits” or results?What is the difference between this PG library search and a search on a search engine (e.g., Google)?Which search is more appropriate for academic research? Why?Select two credible sources from your Purdue Global Library Search and briefly explain whether these references support or contradict your previous conclusions regarding your selected disease. Please ensure that you have included these sources in your references page. .When you are ready to submit your Assignment, click on the Dropbox and complete the steps below:Click the link that says Submit an Assignment.In the “Submit to Basket” menu, select Unit 9: AssignmentIn the “Comments” field, include at least the title of your paper.Click the Add Attachments button.Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document.To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Click the Dropbox to access it.Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted Assignment.

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