Biology Questions. Answer Both! With sources

Describe several disorders of the spinal cord and of the spinal nerves.”Nervous tissue transplantation.Course Objective:“Describe several disorders of the spinal cord and of the spinal nerves.”Choose ONLY ONE of the following treatment approaches to investigate and discuss.Approximately 13,000 new cases of traumatic spinal cord injury occur each year in the United States, the majority involving males ages 16 to 30.  More than 80% of these injuries are due to motor vehicle accidents, acts of violence, and falls.  Because neurons with in the CNS show little, if any, capacity to repair themselves, spinal cord injuries almost always result in a loss of sensory or motor function (or both), and therapy has focused on injury management rather than cure.  However, scientists are investigating four improved treatment approaches:Describe the effects of hyposecretion and hypersecretion of the various hormones.”Mr. Jefferson has rheumatoid arthritis, which is being treated with glucocorticoids. During a recent checkup, his doctor notices that Mr. Jefferson’s face is “puffy” and his arms are bruised. What might be wrong with him and why does the doctor decide to lower his glucocorticoid dosage?

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