biology videos assignment

please read and carefully understand the instructions, you will have to watch all the 4 videos and answer all and each question under the video. you will find the 3 video’s link is in the instructions and the fourth one in the pdf attached. Selection and the Rock Pocket Mouse — HHMI BioInteractive VideoHow quickly can natural selection work? “The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation” tells the story of a living example of Darwin’s process… Adaptions Rock pocket The Rock Pocket Mouse is the “Snickers Bar” of the desert………..What is a mutation?Can evolution repeat itself?What was the name of the mutation found in the dark mice?What environmental change occued that led to an increase in the dark alleles?What three factors illustrate how the rock pocket mouce scenario is a good model to represent natural selection?——–GMOs and feeding the world case for engineering our foodPamela Ronald studies the genes that make plants more resistant to disease and stress. In an eye-opening talk, she describes her decade-long quest to isolate a gene that allows rice to survive prolonged flooding. She shows how the genetic improvement of seeds saved the Hawaiian papaya crop in the 1990s — and makes the case that modern genetics is sometimes the most effective method to advance sustainable agriculture and enhance food security for our planet’s growing population.www.ted.comview the attached TEDs talk.  Summarize why Dr. Ronald supports GMO technologyFind another TEDs talk (or presentation) that DISAGREES or contradicts her point of view. Attach the link. Briefly summarize why the source is opposed to GMO technology.Where do you stand on this issue?—— #4: Germ TheoryWhat is childbed fever? (1 point)What was Semmelweis’s hypothesis as to why more women were dying of childbed fever under the doctor’s care rather than the midwives? (1 point)Why were Semmelweis’s ideas not accepted in 1846? (2 points)Why was Pasteur so concerned with finding out about disease transmission? (1 point)What industry was he working for? (1 point)Pasteur’s experiment led to what theory? (1 point)

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