Bob Jones University Nurses Attitudes Towards Poverty and Homelessness in Healthcare

Based on attached articles write an essay (4-5 pages) about nurses attitudes towards poor and homeless patient.
+ 10 power point slides based on essay.

What is necessary to be included:
1.Nurses attitudes towards poverty and homelessness in healthcare. (use headers)
a) Nurses and nursing students attitudes towards homeless and poor patients.
–> provide an example of a nurse who had to work with homeless person/people (study case) based on article
or journal.
b) How does nursing education change the awareness and perception of homeless and poor people.
c) Describe any ethical dilemma in nurses work with poor and homeless patients.
d) Are nurses well placed and educated to provide equitable end-of-life care to individuals who are homeless in the
United States?
–> provide an example how nurses are engaged in end of life preparation.
–> give an example (an article).
e) Give a solution how to change nurses’ awareness of poor and homeless people.

–> 4-5 pages
–> at least 2 references
–> references should be: professional journals or case study (not more than 5 years old)

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