Boston University Electoral Democracy and Social Advocacy Paper

1. Read and follow the checklist to realize the area should be improved and noticed

2. Read and follow the feedback from professor and peer to improve the areas where they mentioned

3. the really important thing!!!: follow the link guide to correct and improving the citation formant to “Chicago format”

The long paper is about 20 pages,


TOPIC:(Make this about the future of Advocacy consider the following:)

Topic: Electoral democracy and social advocacy

Narrowed Topic: “Get out the Vote” advocacy campaigns and voter ignorance

Narrowed Topic: Why Get out the vote campaigns, like Tinder’s Swipe the Vote, is not good for U.S. democracy

Narrowed: How future get out the vote campaigns can do better for U.S. democracy

Narrow Down again: ***

>which advocacy campaigns are you studying that have failed? Why did they fail?

>How would you use the evidence in your section three to improve those failed get out the vote campaigns?

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