Deliverable Length: 400 words


The CEO of your firm has heard from several of his peers in town that major
new quality initiatives almost always require some kind of culture change.


  • Discuss how a company’s culture can affect its quality performance from both
    a positive and negative manner.
  • Give at least 2 specific examples of each


Objective: Explain the major philosophical principles that serve as the foundation for
quality management



write 400 words

Employee Performance Problems


Employee performance issues can have their roots in many causes; some relate
to the employee and others to the organization. As a human resources generalist,
you have been asked to recommend ways to properly address an employee
performance problem.

  • Using a root cause analysis (RCA), explain your approach for determining the
    cause of the problem(s). 
  • Explain the steps root for conducting a cause analysis as it relates to the
  • Provide several alternatives to the direct supervisor on how to address the
    HR Performance issue.



Objective: Establish performance standards for a job, select methods of performance
appraisal, and determine appropriate disciplinary action for a given situation.


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