Business and Society

Read the case, according to the outline write a short paper (2pages), identify the affected parties and consequences. If use sources, please use APA format.

1.Consequential Analysis (affected parties and consequences – #3 & 4)

a.Customers, passengers and anyone on the road subject to serious injury and death due to Ford’s decision.

b.Ford’s employee’s jobs at risk because their decision would cut business, and without reactive actions, could have shut down the company.

c.Ford’s insurance company would suffer major losses due to the massive pay outs, which they predicted to be $49.5 million for 2,100 burned vehicles with injuries and deaths. Depending on the size, this could create the agency and company of Ford to rely on loans and reinsurance for any future business.

d.Ford dealerships could face closure, threatening many other employee’s jobs.

e.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could receive hate and bad publicity for not having a law or regulation preventing car companies to knowingly produce unsafe cars.

f.Media coverage would increase.

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