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Project Set 11; Data or information.

Use the file “DataOrInformation.doc” for instructions in completing this assignment.

Project #12

*****Project Set 12; Technology Impact.

Based upon the discussion how technology has impacted organizations, this assignment will have you determine (research) five ways an organization of your choosing has been impacted. You will be looking at how technology is used today, compare today with how things were done in the past. Describe problems the organization experienced in making changes and what problems are experienced now? Also, what impact the organization expects new technologies will have in the future.

The deliverable will be a document detailing your research. For one of the impacts create a PowerPoint presentation of your research. (PeopleOrg.pdf)

Project Set 14; Data Types.

For this assignment do the following using the PowerPoint frame “Quantitative vs. Qualitative” as your guide; create a list of 25 different data items of each data types not on the list. Include quantitative sub-types (counts, measures and constant/variable) (Datainfo.pdf)

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