Business Plan Assignment

Students are to complete a mini business plan for the course. The business plan must be for an original idea….meaning you can not write a business plan for an existing business. The assignment should contain the following:

1. A one page executive summary for the business plan. In the summary you should note – what product or service you will be selling; who you target customers are; a summary of your start-up costs; and your anticipated revenue and profits for the first three years.

The plan should include the following (these are additional pages of work):

1. A full description of the product or service you are selling including a description of your target market(s) and any secondary markets. You should also include a note(s) why this business will be successful.

2. The price you are charging and why/how you selected this price.

3. Where you will sell your product/service.

4. A promotional plan – a description of your promotional activities. While not required….higher grades will be given when you timeline these, provide examples and/or samples and provide accurate costing (Internet has most if not all of the costs).

5. A page outlining all start up costs. Most if not all of this information can be found on the Internet.

6. A pro forma income statement – think revenue minus costs = profit or less of years 1 – 3.

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