Capella University Educational technologies Analysis


APA FORMATResearch and analyze educational technologies that support individual learning needs using your student data to support your analysis. Submit analysis through a recorded presentation or paper.

For this assessment you will research a variety of current technologies that support individual learning needs. As you analyze and evaluate your choice of technology, consider what instructional model or framework this technology will be integrated within. Also, you will want to determine how you will demonstrate understanding of this choice. Once you have chosen the technology that you will integrate within your practice

Write a 4–5-page paper that includes the following components:

  • Description of educational technology.
  • Limitations and strengths of your chosen technology.
  • Effectiveness of technology in your setting and with diverse learners.
  • Description of an instructional model or framework this technology will be integrated within.
  • References.

Investigate several technology supports. Choose one that you can use to provide data on student effectiveness. This may be in the form of a pre/post checklist, survey, questionnaire, or formative or summative assessment data. Place your data outcome as a visual graphic within your paper.

Educational Technologies

The follow research highlights strategies for incorporating technology into lessons.

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