Carefully choose an organisation that you are interested in (or work for) and one of their… 1 answer below »


back to topAssessment 3 is a presentation, and also a strong foundation for assessment item 4. The presentation should only include 10 -15 slides (excluding referencing and title page) and should not be more than 10 mins of narration.

1 page written summary/blurb of your consumer profile presentation- highlighting the key points (max 500 words).

Carefully choose an organisation that you are interested in (or work for) and one of their specific products. Imagine you a marketing consultant and you have been hired to review and make recommendations on their target audience.

Using the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) as a theoretical framework, and data from secondary market research, construct a primary audience for your chosen product and design a consumer profile.

Along with the brief one-page summary, the organisation has requested a digital meeting where you will present your ideas to the chief marketing officer. To do this, you need to create a presentation, (i.e. PowerPoint with a voice-over narration – using Screencast-o-matic) pitching your STP to the company.

Inside the presentation you need to include;

  • Definitions and descriptions of concepts of STP
  • A consumer profile for your chosen product
  • Recommendations for positioning statement.

Use your textbook and other theoretical sources and secondary research (be sure to have reviewed their latest marketing information- i.e. TVC/Youtube ad for their current STP strategy) as a starting point for your analysis to support and frame your argument.

More information on how to complete this assessment will be provided on Interact 2


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to find relevant and important information about organisations, their industries and marketplaces from secondary sources.
  • be able to evaluate the key marketing aspects of segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) and be able to analyse an organisation’s approach to STP.
  • be able to discover and evaluate how contemporary issues of environment, social media and other technology, society and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) might affect marketing.


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    A business style presentation is required that contextualises the use of proper theories in relation to STP within a specific organisational context. A good communication document/slides and clear voice over narration that should be presented for your chosen organisation that is well researched, original and usable will score high marks.



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