case study

Health care pathologies can become rather complex as you work through the disease process, signs and symptoms, diagnostics, treatments, and outcomes associated with the different diseases. Because of this, health care uses the case study as a way to mirror the scientific method as well as organize the entire story. This is probably the first time you have prepared a case study, so there are some guidelines.Complete a case study for a patient with cancer.Include the following aspects in the assignment:·  This patient can be real or imaginary, but if this is a real person, please change the name to respect the person’s privacy·  Use the following five headings for your paper:1.  Introduction: Explore a type of cancer or one of your choosing using the following link:National Cancer Institute2.  Case description: Create a patient, describe the patient, symptoms, and any tests that may be appropriate for the type of cancer3.  Discussion: Based upon what you have found about this type of cancer, discuss what the treatments might be4.  Conclusion: If properly treated, summarize what you think the outcome for your fictitious patient might be5.  References: You will need at least one, and you can use your text or this link:National Cancer Institute·  The case study should be 400 – 500 words

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