Case study of Business Environment Analysis IFSM

Information Systems in Organizations 

I need this assignment as soon as possible. 

Please follow the exact instructions from the word document *Stage 1 Haircuts* 

 Stage 1 Haircuts.docx

The actually case study story is uploaded as *Haircuts Case Study*

Haircuts Case Study.docx

and an example *WALMART EXAMPLE* very helpful and useful, gives you an idea how it should look like !!!! Please follow it…..

WALMART EXAMPLE Business Analysis (Stage 1).docx

Analyze the business environment and justify Myra’s selected strategy and process for improvement 

on Stage 1 Project: Business Environment Analysis (Word document with analysis)

· Determine the functional (business) requirements by analyzing inputs, processing and outputs for the process selected for improvement, using the process model provided

– Write a short concise paper:  2-3 double spaced pages of content; table entries for the Five Forces analysis should be single spaced.

· Use at least one external resources with APA formatted citation and reference 

· Include a title page and a reference page.

Compare your work to the rubric to be sure you have met content and quality criteria

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts of the Porter Five Forces model to a specific business, explain and support an identified strategic direction for the case Haircuts, and analyze the identified business process that could be improved with the use of technology.  This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to:

· analyze business strategy to recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomes

· analyze internal and external business processes to identify information systems requirements

There will be 2 more stages for this case studies in the the next 2 week. I would like to work with one writer that can complete all the assignments on this case study. 

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