CBU Managing Conflict Constructively Case Analysis Question


Read: Managing Conflict Constructively, by Dillon (HARVARDBUSINESREVIEW)

  1. REPORT #2 Innovation in Managing Conflict
  2. Part One: Case Analysis
  3. Read: Managing Conflict Constructively, by Dillon
  4. Summarize the guidelines identified to help you manage conflict more constructively.
  5. What are common sources of conflict, which ones have you experienced or witnessed in your own organization(s).
  6. How do you know when you should escalate a problem to your supervisor(s)? Have you ever experienced workplace conflict that could not be resolved and had to be escalated?

  1. Part Two: Applying concepts to Self & Organization:
  2. In preparation for your Critical Assignment examine your Personal Conflict Style: Identify which conflict style you strive to apply to most situations. Examine if this style is appropriate within your organization given the organizational culture. Evaluate how effectively you perceive yourself to currently exemplify this style. What are your current strengths in exemplifying this style? What are current opportunities for improvement?
  3. This assignment can be completed in question and answer form, so long as assertions are supported and cited per APA format. Remember that Part Two of this assignment is designed to help you formulate and make progress on your Capstone Project. The Capstone Project Paper will have to be in essay form. The more thorough you are in your work on this assignment the stronger your drafts and final project will be.
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