Chameleon Restaurant New Zealand Hospitality Management Paper

3.0 Discussion on aspects of gastronomy in regional cuisine of New Zealand

(LOs 4 & 7)

Critically analyse the aspects of gastronomy on your selected restaurant based on your research findings in section 2.0.

3.1 Concept of gastronomy of (selected restaurant):

Analyse the importance of the four (4) key components of gastronomy on your selected restaurant. Justify your answers with one example for each component.(Practical Gastronomy , Theoretical Gastronomy , Technical Gastronomy , Food Gastronomy )( headings should be same)

3.2 Aspects of food and beverage of (selected restaurant):

Evaluate the delectation of food and beverage offerings of your selected restaurant in promoting regional cuisine of New Zealand. Your discussion should be based on the type of need(s) the restaurant is aiming to satisfy.(Economic satisfaction , Psychological Satisfaction , Social satisfaction, Convenience Satisfaction ) ( headings should be same )

3.3 Menu development of (selected restaurant):

Analyse your selected restaurant’s menu based on the four (4) principle influences on the style and content of menu development.(opening time of the operations , The knowledge and ability of kitchen staff , The location of restaurant , Ability of kitchen space and equipment these principles influence on extent and style of menu headings should be same )(The relationship between health and eating, Seasonality and locally sourced foods , Dietary requirements –, Vegetarianism these principles influence on content of menu. headings should be same )(compare and contrast style and content)


(5 marks each key element)


5.0 Recommendations


Recommend four (4) areas of improvement for your selected restaurant based on international trends in the hospitality industry and their implications for the New Zealand industry.


Your recommendations could also include areas for future research based on gaps/ flaws in existing restaurant practices.

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