Chapter Review Questions.

Read Chapter 4 and answer the Chapter Review Questions on p. 120. Answers need to be a paragraph or paragraphs format for each question.

Chapter 4 stars on page 96 of the textbook! pages 96 – 120

Discussion Exercises

  • 1 Chapter Review Questions
  1. As you choose a culture or cultures to learn about, which do you think would be most helpful for your career? Why?
  2. What does it mean to embrace diversity in the context of conducting business across cultures?
  3. How can stereotypes be productive and counterproductive? How does popular culture impact stereotypes of cultures?
  4. Describe each of the cultural dimensions and related communication
  5. Think of a culture of interest to Describe several things you could learn from that culture to enrich your life, deepen your business expertise, and improve your communication skills.

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