CIS336 Academy of Computer Education British Petroleum Enterprise Architecture Paper

1. Research an enterprise that has implemented an Enterprise Architecture practice.
This can be a publicly documented case or a company with which you have a direct
Your paper must include information about a selection of no less than four of the
following topic areas. Provide the information with sufficient detail so as to put it in
context to the company and Enterprise Architecture in general.
The significant content of this paper is a critical analysis of each of the decisions
made by the company. The critical analysis must be based on your cited research
into the selected topic areas. An example of this: Present the stated reason the
company created an EA practice then present industry research as to how their
reason compares to those of other companies or the choice of EA framework as
related to the reason for creation of the EA practice.
Topic areas:
a. Why did they create an EA practice
b. What tools, frameworks, did they use
c. How did they organize their EA organization
d. What did they accomplish
e. Have they assessed their maturity, and if so, how do they describe their
maturity level
f. What are the lessons learned
g. What are the future plans

paper must be 8-10 pages in total

references must be provided

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