Clarkesville Plumbing Company, business and finance homework help

Problem 1

You are given the following information about Clarkesville Plumbing Company. Revenues last year totaled $896, depreciation expenses $75, costs of goods sold $365, and interest expenses $54. At the end of the year, current assets were $121 and current liabilities were $107. The company has an average tax rate of 34 percent. Calculate its net income by setting up an income statement.

Problem 2

•Given the following information about the Elkridge Sporting Goods, Inc., construct a balance sheet for the period ending June 30, 2011. On that date the firm had cash and marketable securities of $25,135, accounts receivables of $43,758, inventory of $167,112, net fixed assets of $325,422, and other assets of $13,125. It had accounts payables of $67,855, notes payables of $36,454, long-term debt of $223,125, and common stock of $150,000. How much retained earnings does the firm have?

Can anyone explain this to me in detail

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