Communication Server Administration, writing homework help

Task 1:

Effective mode of enterprise mobility in terms of communication, organization and technology is one of the key components which include many features for a profitable business. In Enterprise Communication, business process information between employees dramatically impacts the process of handling workflow process.

So Implementing and maintaining these communication systems are crucial as per organization’s need and also it is a challenging job to choose the right communication applications by considering the key factors such as reliability, fault tolerance, easy maintenance and management, and it must be flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing organization needs.

So in order to face this challenging task, Evaluate any one real time communication system to support enterprise mobility within an organization and recommend based on your evaluation with the review of literature/research study in the form of detailed report not exceeding 12 pages in “Calibri” font size “12”. The report must show screenshots and appropriate description as evidence.

The detailed report should cover the following information

 Clearly describes the need for real-time communication and extending the development, functionality and delivery of communication with regard to network infrastructure.

 Description for different features of voice and video over enterprise mobility available in real time offering multimedia and advanced communication

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