Community and the corporation, managing public relations

Discussion Question 1

Genetically modified foods have been around for years; however, most Americans have no idea if they have been eating GMO foods. There is a lot of confusion about GMO foods and their safety, and whether labeling is necessary. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) GMO food do not need to be labeled but somestates have attempted require food manufacturing companies to label GMO food and these companies have strongly resisted.The food industry and companies that genetically engineer seeds claim GMO foods are safe; however, they strongly opposed the idea of labeling. If the food is as safe as they claim, then why not educate the public on the benefits and label the products.

Citizens of this country have the right to know what is in their foods and much more so why is the food industry and FDA opposed to the idea of informing consumers if their foods include GMO ingredients?  After all, 64 countries have such requirements.

Discuss how the society could benefits from mandatory labelling of GMO foods, and is informing and allowing consumers to make their own decisions whether or not to purchase GMO products unfair to food manufacturing companies?

Access links below for more information on the subject.Deadline: Thursday 12/11/14

The hot debate about genetically modified foods

GMO food labeling: Inside the controversy

After Vermont Bill, GMO Labeling Becomes Center Of Debate On Bioengineering’s Future

2nd Discussion Question

“Community Efforts and Managing Public Relations”  Please respond to the following:

According to this week’s reading and the e-Activity, businesses enhance their reputation and build trust when they address community needs in a positive way. Give an example of your favorite company that addresses community needs, and specify the main reasons the company’s actions and CSR programs are important to you. Determine the primary manner in which the company’s image affects your buying decision as a consumer.

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