Compensating the Flexible Workforce, HR Week 5.3 Discussion help

  1. Read Chapter 13, “Compensating the Flexible Workforce,” in the Strategic Compensation textbook.
  2. Read the Case Study—“Telecommuniting at MedEx,” that is located at the end of the chapter reading.
  3. Navigate to the threaded discussion below and respond to the following questions:
    1. Would offering telecommuting as an option benefit MedEx? How? (p. 310)
    2. Are there any disadvantages or challenges in offering telecommuting? (p. 310)
    3. What do you recommend MedEx do? Why? (p. 310)
  4. Provide a detailed post that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking. Your initial posting should be 200-300 words long.
  5. Your initial posting is to include at a minimum, two sources properly cited and referenced: (a) the Strategic Compensation textbook, and (b) an academic journal article that is at least 3-5 pages in length and published within the last 3-5 years.
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