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Ok so here goes, you and your beloved met at work so you guys have the same benefit package (health insurance, 401K, etc.) BUT he/she earns $1,000 MORE per month than you do. Score one for the gold diggers, what, what! You first need to adjust your budget to reflect the additional income. Now, assume that your new spouse has a student loan payment of $400 per month, an automobile payment of $250 each month, and a car insurance payment of $75 per month. Since you have added him/her to your insurance plan, the agent is offering a 5% discount off YOUR premium for multi-policies and will give an additional 5% discount if you pay your premium and your spouse’s premium FOR THE YEAR, to be billed in December. This is totally up to your team if you want to take advantage of the 5% discount… paying a yearly lump sum may prove too difficult for your budgets.

Here’s what you need to do:

Figure out your spouse’s take-home pay like you did for yourself in assignment #1

Increase your overall household budget to feed/support both of you

Determine how much money you have for discretionary spending.

Work on the car insurance scenario now that you have two vehicles to insure


Your spouse absolutely loves shoes. Kicks, boots, sandals, you name it, they are everywhere! You guys need MUCH more closet space to accommodate this obsession, so you have decided to purchase a home. Your parents have been kind enough to offer to put down 5% of the purchase price. You have a credit score of 700 (thanks to making on-time payments on that car!), and your spouse has a score of 770.



Research homes available for sale in your zip code, your city, or in a surrounding area

Research all of the costs involved in purchasing a home (homeowners insurance, PMI, credit life insurance, umbrella policy, setting up utilities, moving cable, etc.)

Research what type of loan you want (how many years, fixed rate, ARM loan, etc.) Find out what your monthly payments are based on your credit score…also who’s score will they use? Yours? Your spouse’s?

Submit to me a new budget with your new home expenses included, and the aforementioned changes that have come with being married and having a household of TWO now, then show the increase in your overall expenses.

Calculate the percentage of your take home pay that is used to totally operate your home including the house note (this is a somewhat scary number at times). Remember with homeownership comes responsibility. Are you going to cut the grass or hire someone? What about a monthly allowance for repairs?

Take home pay for spouse

The city is Boston and According to the front to finish Take home pay for spouse part, I need 3 pages about this part.

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