CPCM Multiple-Chouce Questions

1. Federal agencies’ requirements are mostly: A. Technology-based; B. Needs-based; C. Mission-based; D. Budget-driven

2. Performance measurement of systems being acquired: A. Is the only allowable source of information that can be used; B. Provides detailed technical performance measurement; C. Is used to analyze results; D. Is used to analyze on-going status

3. What is a consequence of duplicate requirements in a performance-based statement of work? A. Duplicate effort may be performed; B. Change management will be more difficult; C. Importance of requirement is weakened; D. Importance of requirement is optimized

4. Requirements and mission for an agency can be added: A. At levels above the agency; B. In Congressional committees; C. Both A and B; D. Neither A nor B

5. The Joint Conference for Appropriations: A. Can raise the amount appropriated above either house’s bill; B. Can lower the amount appropriated below either house’s bill; C. Can settle on an appropriation amount between the two house’s upper and lower limits; D. Must take one or the other house positions

6. In requirements statements, the use of adjectives to describe performance requirements is: A. Creating vague requirements; B. Providing additional guidance; C. Clarifying inspectors role; D. Providing an audit trail

7. A performance-based statement of work should trace back to the agency mission. A. True; B. False

8. In a quality assurance plan, it is permissible to: A. Allow contractor self-certification; B. Develop new test standards; C. Test to higher standards; D. Direct changes based on test results

9. Performance measurement of systems being acquired should include: A. Planned vs. actual comparison; B. Direct costs only; C. Indirect costs only; D. Other direct costs only

10. In a quality assurance plan, the tester/inspector should: A. Develop their own requirements to be met; B. Coordinate test requirements with the buyer; C. Use standard tests; D. Use contractor test results.

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