Criminal Evidence – 6

The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees defendants the right to “an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed….” However, while former British colonies, such as the United States, adopted the English common law system of which trial by jury is an important part, most countries modify the right or do not use juries at all. Research another country’s approach to determine the truth in a criminal proceeding and describe how it differs from the American jury system. Which do you feel is superior? Why?

This individual work to be completed is an in-depth essay of 1-2 pages, free of spelling and grammar errors.

Your essay should include:

  • The rationale used to address the question/issue posted
  • A well-justified argument regarding this issue

Your response must:

  • Be thought provoking
  • Have well developed ideas and/or opinions
  • Reference any material from the text, lecture, or other sources used to complete the assignment

You may use your text or the Internet as a reference, but remember to cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

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