CSCI1103 Columbus State Community Speeding Tickets Flowgorithm Project

Lab 2 – Speeding Tickets

Background Must be done in Flowgorithm

A state government has decided to standardize speeding tickets. The new speeding tickets will be based on the number of miles per hour a driver was travelling over the posted speed limit. They will use the following table.

MPH Over Limit


1 – 9


10 – 19


20 – 29


30 – 39


40 or more



Write a program that asks the user the speed limit (in MPH) and the driver’s speed in MPH. Compute the difference in speed and using a series of ‘if’ statements determine the fine. Output the speed over the limit and the associated fine.

If the driver was driving at or below the speed limit, the driver was driving legally and there is no fine. Output that the driver was not speeding.

Be sure to include a comment at the beginning of the program with your name, date, and a short description of the program.

Example Output

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