CSE463 Central Florida College Heuristic Evaluation & Mental Models Exercise

Prototype can be found in this link: https://a2qppm.axshare.com

Part 1: Heuristic Evaluation, instructions:

The purpose of this exercise is to give you experience conducting a Heuristic Evaluation (HE). You will conduct an HE on your hi-fi prototype from Assignment #3. Step 1: Inspect each element against Nielsen’s 10 heuristics. Identify as many negative aspects as you can. For each identified violation of the heuristics, record ID, name, and heuristic, and combine into a table format (column #1: ID, column #2: Name, column #3: Heuristic).

Step 2: Summarize your findings as Usability Aspect Reports (UARs). Each “negative” UAR should include ID, Name, Evidence, Explanation, Severity (rating and justification with respect to frequency, impact and persistence – you must discuss all three to get full points), and Solution. Also, capture a couple positive aspects that you feel stand out. Each “positive” UAR should include ID, Name, Evidence, and Explanation. Include a screenshot with each UAR for easy reference. Deliverable: Include a link to your hi-fi prototype along with a report with results from Step 1 (table) and Step 2 (UARs with screenshots).

Part 2: Mental Models, instructions:

The purpose of this exercise is to give you experience designing for a clear mental model. Identify three Metaphors, Natural Mappings of Control, Virtual Affordances, Feedforwards, AND/OR Feedbacks (i.e., three total, not three each) that could potentially improve your hi-fi prototype from Assignment #3. For each identified improvement, record: Name (type of improvement, i.e., Metaphor, Feedforward, etc.), Description (a detailed paragraph explaining the modification of your design, which could be related to a single screen of your app, or the entire app), Motivation (why this change is needed—describe your motivation in detail relative to either narrowing the Gulf of Execution, Gulf of Evaluation, or both, and clearly explain how your improvement will better align the user’s mental model with the developer’s mental model), Heuristics (list all Nielsen’s heuristics that your improvement matches), Screenshot (provide a screenshot of the specific screen from your app for easy reference; if your improvement covers your entire app, include a screenshot of a screen that is a good representative). Deliverable: A report identifying three improvements toward designing for a clearer mental model. Each identified improvement should be summarized using the format Name, Description, Motivation, Heuristics, and Screenshot, as previously described.

I have attached some lecture power points encase you’d like more info on how to do the Heuristic evaluation with the UAR’s and Mental models.

Lecture 2 for UAR’s

Lecture 9 for Heuristic evaluation

Lecture 11 for Mental Model

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