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What is the culture of your organization? What are their core values? Are core values discussed in the mission or vision? Do you have discussions about ethics and ethical decision-making? Should you be having that discussion? Are the core values and culture of an organization really important? Or not? I will wrtie about Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Our Mission

Power organizations with insightful solutions that drive business success

Our Vision

Be the world’s authority on helping organizations focus on what matters

Our Values

Integrity is everything: We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity. We are straight forward and honor our commitments. We do the right thing.

Insightful Expertise: We thrive on turning knowledge into insight. Staying on top of our field and ahead of the curve is how we drive value for our clients.

Service Excellence: We are obsessed with all aspects of the client experience. The strength of our client relationships is the key to our growth and success.

Inspiring Innovation: We strive for constant improvement, always searching for new and better ways to serve our clients and grow the business. We created an entire industry – innovation is in our DNA.

Each person counts: We believe that each person counts. Each client and associate counts. Each deed counts and each contact between every client and associate counts. We respect and embrace the diversity of our associates, clients and business partners.

Results-driven: We are driven by a strong work ethic that is results-oriented. We encourage prudent risk taking without the fear of occasional failure. By being accountable, we deliver measurable results.

Social responsibility: We believe in giving back to the communities where we work and live. We encourage and support our associates’ commitment to giving back and helping improve their communities.


Our core values are the foundation for all our activities. Our ever-evolving culture is guided by our core values and motivated, results-oriented associates. I strongly think that ADP is driven by the mission, vision and its core values on a daily basis. I am glad to work for an organization that not just has something in writing but that they actually care and ensure that they are living up to what they stand for.

Ethical decision-making discussions should always be discussed with all employees and at all job levels. There could always be a potential issue that requires attention but could be an ethical or legal issue. Employees must be aware and be trained on what the best practice is or whom to report the issues to. We all come from different backgrounds and ethnicities and therefore, ethical job standards must be talked about and followed at all times.

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