Customer Service Project Description

Customer Service Project Description

Evaluate Bank of America effectiveness of its customer service offering and practices. Conduct your own field research and to use all the necessary sources such as the library, book store and the internet to gather information. Evaluate the customer service policies and practices of the company. You should include issues relating to customer satisfaction, retention, relationship, maintaining, service quality, handling complaints etc. You should also discuss internal policies relating to employee orientation, organizational culture etc.

You should state your recommendation for the company and explain how you would implement the recommendation and why you think the company should accept your suggestion. And give a 15 minutes oral presentation. You are required to prepare a written paper using APA format, 12 point font, and double spaced.

Section A

Complete the summary of the company as follows;

Company Background-should answer the questions below

When did the company start?

Who started? What is the mission statement? How many locations and employees does the company have?

Summarize the last 3 years financial performance of the company describe their vision and any customer service premises made.

What is their service policy?

Section B

Begin your field research visit at least two locations for the company if possible and conduct the following research observe how service providers interact with customers how do customer service providers interact with you personally do the service providers greet customers warmly smiling, call customers by name etc.? Are service providers knowledgeable? How do they handle conflicts? Describe any evidence of internal customer service. Describe their listening skills and general communication skills. 

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