DB 2 543

Chapter 7 and 9 Discussion Questions: Answer each, providing the page number in your book that you found the answer is required for each question.1. Referring to page 179 and Exhibit 7.2 on page 180, provide a brief description of a written charter for an improvement project.2. Referring to pages 188 -190 in your textbook, summarize and explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS the following:a. The four stages all teams go through (as provided by B.W. Tuckman (1965))b. Team characteristics with each stagec. Role of the team leader with each stage3. In your opinion, what are the leader’s top three (3) most important responsibilities when managing project meetings?4. What are the four main steps necessary to reach 95 percent or better process reliability? Please explain in your own words as much as possible.5. What are “sustained improvements” and “change behaviors?”

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