Debate Analysis

For this assignment, you will critique a team’s ethics bowl presentation and write a short essay with the results.

The debate presentation analysis should be at least one full, single-spaced page. Write in Times New Roman 12pt with 1-inch margins.

The debate presentation analysis must be in ABC organization and include:

  • Introduction including case, presenter’s name and dated.
  • Describe of the case of the presentation. Briefly research the topic that was presented and provide your own summary. (case provided below)
  • Compare and contrast the presentation’s content to what you found in your brief research. (debate presentation content provided below)
  • Discuss the significance and impact of the presented topic in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts.
  • Describe the presentation’s style, including strengths and weaknesses.
  • Concluding thoughts.

Separate each section into different paragraphs.

The case is about Trolley Problems. Whether or not questions like this are worthy of discussion.

Prenestation content:

Team1: Trolley problems or similar questions/problems are important to discuss.

– With the newly emerging autonomous cars, these cars may face the same issue as the trolley problem that’s why we need to discuss those issues.

– Solutions to the problem can be based on the driver’s culture. (The driver’s beliefs and culture impact/influences the decision of the autonomous vehicle)

Team2: Trolley problems are NOT worthy of discussion

– Trolley problems have no real solutions to them. No need to discuss them since the problem is not solvable.

– We can’t come up with a solution to the problem that satisfies the majority of people.

– Discussing those issues would cost time, effort, and money.

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