Design, and Analysis, Eleventh Edition, business and finance homework help

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Schreiber, J. (2011). Educational Research. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 978-0-470-13910-3

Supplemental Resources:

Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, Eleventh Edition

Larry B. Christensen; R. Burke Johnson; Lisa A. Turner

© 2011 Pearson, 540 pages

ISBN: 978-0-205-70165-0, 978-0-205-75304-8

Article: Research and Design Success

Dodd, Kerry. Design Management Journal12.3 (Summer 2001): 58-62.


Discussion Question 1 –

Specific threats to conducting research are everywhere. For example, researcher bias (similar to sampling bias) is the selecting of data and/or its sources on the presumption that the researcher’s hypotheses and/or research questions will be validated. For example, if I were a researcher conducting a study to determine if a two-income household was necessary, if I only surveyed low-income families, I may have proved my research hypothesis. However, this result is predictable, since low-income families are in economic need of two incomes. Discuss the relevance of researcher bias and the prevalence of it in research. What examples can you cite that demonstrate possible researcher bias?


Discussion Question 2 –

What are some of the techniques and/or strategies for merging numeric and non-numeric data and what are some of the steps involved? Cite some examples of this.


Welcome to the last week of your course. In this discussion question you have the opportunity to be creative and to relate what you have learned to your professional lives. Please explore and critically think about some of the learning objectives and concepts presented in this course. Please effectively communicate how you would lead an organization (or a group of people within the organization) by applying the knowledge you have learned ethically and responsibly. Your discussion should also include innovative thinking, and information-technology aspects (such as the Internet, social-media, computers, etc.) that may assist you in decision-making. You may frame your discussion around any functional component of business, and in any context; problem-solving, management, leadership, organizational behavior, etc.

CLA 2 Comprehensive Learning Assessment-

Write an APA formatted 10-page paper that explains the following:

(1) three to four important concepts you have learned throughout this seven-week course;

(2) identify the two to three concepts you would like to apply to your dissertation/study and how you will go about implementing them.

Your CLA2 submission (cumulative report) should be 12- pages in length.

The CLA assignments encompass the learning objectives for this course and are designed to increase your comprehension and augment your ability to apply concepts learned in your professional careers. Subsequently, in addition to your report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA1 (see attached) and CLA2.

The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise 15 slide presentation.

You should use content from your report at material for your PowerPoint presentation.

CLA2 Comprehensive Learning Assessment (CLA 2) In addition to your CLA2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA2. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. Students will present their PowerPoint during the last week of class in either the On-Campus Class Session or the online Virtual Class Session, as determined by the professor. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes.

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