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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion do you agree do you disagree with those two paragraphs one for each para and if you agree or disagree he why or why not

1. Differentiate between the moral and ethical issues involved: The issues that are involved with this scenario are that one of my clients are attending the same party as I am, and they are drinking while being on probation for (DWI). However, the ethical issue is that I have to do my job, but remain discreet about this case. Therefore, I must do something about this matter before it turns into something far more serious such as someone getting injured. However, failure to do so would go against my job responsibilities even though I am on my personal time. The moral issue would be not doing anything about it, and pretending nothing happened.
Describe the steps you would take to manage this public safety ethical issue, based on your personal philosophy of ethics: Even though I am off duty, it is my responsibility to make sure he gets home safely so no one gets injured or killed. The first thing I would do is get evidence that he was violating his probation by drinking at the party such as; pictures or video that could be clearly viewed as him. After that, I would approach my client and let him know that he is in violation of his probation and I will make sure he gets a safe ride home. Then I would contact the chief to make a report of his violation as well as showing the chief the pictures or video I gathered.
Evaluate whether your personal biases may affect your approach to this dilemma: Even though I am against drinking and driving, I cannot allow my bias to get in the way of making a decision or how I handle this dilemma. However, it is my job even though off duty to make sure my clients are doing what they are supposed to do at all time. Now if I had not seen him doing the things he was doing, I would not have ever known but ethically and morally it is my job to report him.
Analyze the ethical implications of your decision making as a criminal justice professional: I think my actions in this dilemma as a criminal justice professional is appropriate because I made sure he made it home safe without causing harm to others or embarrassing him in front of his fellow comrades. I also think by making a report to the chief was appropriate because it will teach him that just because you are a law enforcement officer, does not mean you are above the laws yourself. Another thing was being discreet and not letting my spouse know I knew who he was, because when you work in law enforcement you are sworn to secrecy. Also, if I did not make a report of this matter to the chief and did not make sure he made it home safely I would be negligent for failure to protect his safety as well as others (Pollock, 2017).
Reference: Pollock, J.M. (2017). Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

2. How personal biases would affect my ethical decision making
I would not allow my personal biases to affect my approach or my judgement. My job is to keep the situation discrete as a personal favor to the chief. I witnessed my husband’s partner drinking and then stating he had to make it home. Not only is he currently violating his probation, he implies that he needs to make it home safely tonight. He is aware of the rules, and he violated them. In this situation, there is really no question. I would document the incident, making sure all my bases were covered. Furthermore, I think that since I might be considered to be personally involved, I would look to a superior to complete the investigation.
Moral and Ethical issues involved
Ethically, If I let this situation go, and do not report it I could be held liable. There are discrete ways of handling the situation. My first objective would be to get this person home safely. If he was to cause an accident and I had knowledge of the situation, I could be held accountable for the outcome. I would feel as though I acted morally wrong if I did not try to at least handle the situation. At the same time, I also have to do my job, so reporting the incident would be a necessity.
Managing the public safety ethical issue
Since I have to do my job, I would approach him and remind him of his terms and conditions while he is serving him on probation. I would discretely find him a ride home or get him a cab. I would not allow him to leave the party alone and would attempt to get his keys. After the party I would contact my superior and find out his course of action, and how he would like to handle the situation. I would also remind him that he needs to meet with me on his next day of duty to discuss the incident. He should be fully aware that I plan to report this so that there are no surprises. I want to be clear about my intentions throughout the entire process, leaving no error for misunderstanding or underestimations.
Ethical implications of my decisions
As a criminal justice professional I will be forced to make tough decisions throughout my career. There will be times when those decisions involve my peers/co-workers. I will have to make choices that serve myself and the community for the best outcome possible. Since this officer is still working in the capacity where his decisions can directly affect his community and department, I will have to do my due diligence as his probation officer. If I looked the other way and did not report it, I would be ethically wrong.
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