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Writing Assignment

Objective: Students will write an essay containing at least 750 words, excluding headings and bibliography. The essay must use at least four sources of information that are included in a bibliography and cited at least once in the essay using a popular citation method, such as MLA. Two of the sources must be scholarly and the remaining two can be either scholarly or popular sources.

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Assessment: Students’ work will be assessed using the following rubric. A maximum of six points will be awarded to students who exhibit the highest quality work.


The 2016 presidential election brought many different types of possible candidates into the spotlight. Candidates like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Bernie Sanders have different views of the economy and how to go about implementing effective economic policy. Choose a few candidates and discuss their views on the economy and economic policy. Throughout the discussion, consider and integrate economic theory that was learned during class and show the reader that you understand how economic models work and apply them in a way that allows the reader to view the candidates’ economic policy recommendations through them. If you are not a citizen of the USA and would like to write about political leaders in your home country, then the instructor welcomes it.

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