Discussion Board for CRIJ 1310 online class

No later than MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY night, address the below questions in a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs total.  Make sure to answer all of the questions in one posting.

STEP 1:  Your Initial Posting.  Due by 11:59 pm Wednesday night. Address all of the questions below:   Worth up to 50 points!

      a)  Proving intent can be challenging. What kind of crimes require specific intent and how difficult is that to prove? Which crimes might be easier to prove intent than others? What kinds of proof might be used for certain crimes than others? 

     b)  Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder  


  • Reporters discuss the case of two 5th grade boys who are charged with conspiracy to commit first degree murder, tampering with a witness, and juvenile in possession of a firearm.

Discussion: What would the state have to prove in order to find the boys guilty of conspiracy to commit first degree murder? 

      c)  Judge Accepts James Holmes’ Insanity Plea

http://video.foxnews.com/v/2434176103001/judge-accepts-james-holmes-insanity-plea/ (Links to an external site.)   (Provides a video discussing the legal impacts of an insanity plea.)

Discussion: What are the effects of an insanity plea according to the video? Do you agree with the statements in the video? Why are so few insanity pleas successful? What factors are important in the Colorado statute? 


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